If you'd like to have a chat about the process or options available please get in touch. We know it's a big decision to buy a piece of refinished furniture without having seen it first so we're happy to answer any questions, give our advice or opinion. Or just chat about fabulous wallpaper!  No hard sell tactics here - we're pretty laid back and we get just as excited as our clients when we reach that eureka moment and identify the perfect project.  

As well as our completed pieces and our naked furniture (there's usually more of that by the way, we're a bit slow loading it onto the website so always ask....), we offer a sourcing service.  We'll have an in-depth chat about dimensions, how it will be used in the room, colour schemes and budget, then we'll source something to fit the bill.

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For any enquiries please contact us on 07876 782590

Or send an email to: